Denali Hard Red Winter Wheat

Denali is a hard red winter wheat which exhibits excellent test weight, good straw strength and good milling properties. It is medium-late in maturity. Yield reports of this variety have been very good in various growing conditions.

Denali has performed well in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas with excellent yields. In 3-year dryland trials, Denali has consistently ranked near the top of the yield chart – beating out many popular, high-yielding varieties from the competition and even our own most-planted PlainsGold variety: Hatcher.

Key Characteristics

  • High dryland and irrigated yields
  • Excellent test weight
  • Taller plant change to structure

Drought & Disease Profile

  • Drought Tolerance: Good
  • Stem Rust: Moderately resistant
  • Stripe Rust: Moderately susceptible
  • Leaf Rust: Moderately susceptible
  • RWA Resistance: Susceptible

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