Avondale Lentil

The Montech Seed Group worked with Dr. Rebecca McGee of USDAARS and Washington State Crop Improvement Association to bring Avondale Lentils to the market place. Avondale Lentil is an improvement on the Richlea, a medium green lentil, with higher stature and increase yield over the previous available varieties. Avondale has excellent disease resistance. Since its release the variety yield increase and the taller stature and lodging resistance (bushiness of plant) have made Avondale one of the market leaders in
the lentil pulse industry.

Avondale is a Medium Green (Richlea) market-class lentil - it has yellow cotyledons and a greenish seed coat.  It matures in about 97 days and is approximately 36 cm tall.  With a plant height index 0.95, it has excellent resistance to lodging.  The small ovate leaflets have an acuminate apex and obtuse base.  The flowers have white standards, wings and keel.  The mature pods are light tan, straight and have a no constriction.  Average number of seeds per pod is two.  The hundred seed weight is 5.64 g.  It consistently out-yields Merrit, Richlea and Brewer by 10%, 12% and 14%, respectively.  From 2005-2012, its average yeild is 1387 kg/ha compared to 1255 kg/ha for Merrit, 1221 kg/ha for Richlea and 1186 kg/ha for Brewer.  It has high levels of partial resistance to Stemphylium blight (caused by Stemphylium botryosum).

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