Mission Statement

"We are professional seedsmen dedicated to acquiring and distributing improved crop variety genetics to benefit agriculture though higher yield and desirable cropping

Montech Seed Group Members

History of the Montech Seed Group

The Montech Seed Group LLC was formed in 2005 with a group of Montana seedsmen combining to form an organization to secure genetic intellectual property of seed varieties. Our group has extensive marketing ability across not only Montana but much of the United States. Our membership had the vision that in order to be successful in the seed industry into the future that our individual companies needed access to the leading genetics available. The members then formed the organization to secure these varieties from various plant breeders across the world. Montech enters in to agreements to take these genetic advancements and bring the seed products to the market. The Montech Seed Group has had several varieties which have been commercialized and are now leaders in
their respective market areas. Brawl Plus Hard Red Winter Wheat, Montech 4152 and Montech 4193 Yellow Field Pea, Avondale Lentil are some of the more successful projects. The Montech Seed Group identified early on that commercialization of these advancements needed to be accomplished by seedsmen, and by coming together we
could offer our plant breeding partner's market advantages of larger distribution. The Montech Seed Group has continued to pursue and develop new and innovative product lines to bring higher yields, desirable pest and disease resistance and more desirable crop traits to the seed products which we all sell. The Montech Seed Group is committed to bring the latest in seed advancement and technology to the market place, to make our seed product lines which our Montech Seed Group members market the leading varieties available today and into the future.


Executive Committee of Montech Seeds Group

Steve Grove - President
Steve McDonnell - Treasury
Jay Hould - Secretary
Brad Ruhkamp - At Large Member