Hampton Green Pea

Hampton is a semi-dwarf, semi-leafless, green field pea.  Its smooth seeds have green cotyledons, a clear seed coat and clear hilum.  It matures in approximately 94 days and is about 44 cm tall.  With a plant height index of 0.88, it has very good resistance to lodging.  The flowers have white standards, wings and keel.  The mature pods are light tan.  The average number of seeds per pod is six to eight and typically there are two pods at each reproductive node.  The average hundred seed weight is 20.7 g.  Hampton out-yields Aragorn, Ariel and Banner by 12%, 13% and 5% respectively.  From 2008-2013, its average yield is 2492 kg/ha compared to 2221 kg/ha for Aragorn, 2209 kg/ha for Ariell ad 2361 kg/ha for Banner.  Hampton is resistant to Fusarium wilt Race 1 (caused by Fusarium oxysporum Schlect. f. sp. pisi race 1 (van Hall) Snyd. & Hans), Pea Enation Mosaic Virus (PEMV) and Bean Leaf Roll Virus (BLRV).

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