Seed Varieties

The following are a listing of varieties of the Montech Seed Group.

  • Avondale Lentil

    The Montech Seed Group worked with Dr. Rebecca McGee of USDAARS and Washington State Crop Improvement Association to bring Avondale Lentils to the market place. Avondale Lentil is an improvement... More

  • Brawl Plus Hard Red Winter Wheat

    Two-gene Clearfield® Variety Brawl CL Plus combines impressive yields with the ability to control winter annual grassy weeds. Brawl CL Plus provides a greater degree of tolerance to Beyond™ herbicide... More

  • Byrd Hard Red Winter Wheat

    Byrd is an awned, white-glumed, hard red winter wheat. Byrd was released based on a high grain yield in dryland and irrigated production. It is resistance to stripe rust and... More

  • Denali Hard Red Winter Wheat

    Denali is a hard red winter wheat which exhibits excellent test weight, good straw strength and good milling properties. It is medium-late in maturity. Yield reports of this variety have... More

  • Forage FX Fall Triticale 1001

    Forage FX Fall Triticale 1001 is a beardless, high yielding forage line of fall triticale. The reduced awn expression makes this variety very desirable for the feeding industry. It has... More

  • Forage Pea M94010074-CM074

    This is a new forage pea developed in cooperation of the Montech Seed Group and Limagrain of Europe. The variety has excellent forage yield. The seed size for lower seeding... More

  • Hampton Green Pea

    Hampton is a semi-dwarf, semi-leafless, green field pea.  Its smooth seeds have green cotyledons, a clear seed coat and clear hilum.  It matures in approximately 94 days and is about... More

  • Haymaker Forage Spring Barley

    Haymaker Forage Spring Barley is a two row forage barley. It exhibits higher forage yields than Haybet, Hays and Lavina forage barley lines. The quality of the forage is excellent... More

  • Iron Spring Wheat

    Iron Spring Wheat is high yielding, strong straw strength hard red spring wheat. Iron is relatively late in maturity, and is adapted to irrigated production and higher rain fall dryland... More

  • Jett Winter Wheat

    Jett Winter Wheat is all about yield, yield and more yield. This new line has had confirmed yields of 160 bu per acre under irrigated conditions. What is achievable is... More

  • Montech 1103 Green Field Pea

    The Montech 1103Green Field Peas was developed with Limagrain and the Montech Seed Group. Montech 1103 is the first generation of erect growth green field peas. The yield of this... More

  • Montech 3404 Yellow Field Pea

    Montech 3404 is a new erect growth yellow field pea. As its predecessors, 4152 and 4193, Montech 3404 has excellent height and yield potential. The line has lead several trials... More

  • Montech 4152 Yellow Field Pea

    The Montech 4152 Yellow field pea has great yield potential on dryland field production. The variety is a few days earlier in bloom than the Montech 4193. Montech 4152 has... More

  • Montech 4193 Yellow Field Pea

    Montech 4193 yellow field pea is a proven yellow field pea line. The erect growth and high seed yield potential have made 4193 a market leader. Montech 4193 is a... More

  • Nash Large Kabuli Chickpea

    Nash Chickpea has greater yield potential than the previously available Sierra Variety, out yielding Sierra by 15% to 20% over several trials.  Nash has good resistance to lodging. Nash produces... More

  • Royal Large Kabuli Chickpea

    Royal Chickpea has been developed with the dryland producer in mind. The variety has topped several trials in moisture conditions.  Royal produces significantly higher percentage of larger seed than Sierra... More

  • Saturn Winter Feed Barley

    Saturn Winter Barley is the first winter barley to exhibit winter survivability in Montana. The variety has survived winter conditions for several years in various growing conditions. The yield potential... More

  • Trophy Spring Barley

    Trophy is a bearded, high yielding spring barley. It has competed yield wise with the top feed barleys available in the market. Montech and Limagrain of Europe collaborated on the... More